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Since the opening of its first office in Brazil in 1915, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)1, its associates and partners have faced the alternation of social and economic periods, i.e., periods of prosperity followed by slowdown in economy, and vice versa. However, along all these years PwC Brazil has never stopped believing in the development of the country and actively contributed its services to the creation of a more transparent business environment.

Considering the new challenges in the international business markets, PwC has formed specialized groups, the Asian Desks, which are focused on assisting our clients in the major issues involving business transactions between Asian countries, like China, Japan and Korea, and Brazil. By relying on the multicultural aspects of our team and on the specialized knowledge of Asian cultures that the members of the Desks have, as well as on the joint efforts of our teams in Brazil and in Asia, we are capable to provide support to both Asian companies investing in Brazil and multinational companies headquartered in Brazil that are interested in the Asian market.

In Brazil, our audit, tax consulting and corporate advisory services teams are highly experienced, and count on professionals focused on 16 economic sectors. By providing comprehensive and integrated solutions, we seek to assist our clients in improving their business performance, considering that performance quality requires improvement in operating, financial and IT management, organizational efficiency and excellence in human capital, as well as in sustainability, governance, risks and compliance management.

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PricewaterhouseCoopers is a global network of separate and independent firms that work on an integrated basis providing Audit, Tax Consulting and Corporate Advisory Services. The firms comprising the network are present in 158 territories and have over 236,000 associated and partners worldwide.

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