Mudando o jogo para os nossos clientes

Juntas, PwC e Strategy& ajudam seus clientes a desenvolver estratégias com abordagem prática para os seus maiores desafios - transformando ideias em ação.

PwC e Strategy& (ex- Booz & Company) dão origem a um novo estilo de consultoria

As part of the PwC network, Strategy& will be a leading strategy firm in its own right and help PwC as a whole become the pre-eminent strategy-through-execution firm.

What PwC and Strategy& create together will be unique. We’ll offer clients something they can’t get elsewhere: a combination of strategy consulting expertise, and a proven track record of delivery, with unrivalled global scale and experience.

Clients will be able to get practical strategy advice from people who understand the opportunities and risks involved in implementation – and strategic execution skills from people who understand the context.

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